Tips to Follow While Practicing Golf

Practice makes a man perfect. This proverb becomes way more relevant when the improvement of performances and skills of golf game is concerned. Golf which is a sport of club and ball is enjoyed by millions although the world and most interestingly it is gaining its popularity day by day. According to Ammar Kattoula, here are few basic tips which will help to prevent much of overwhelm and confusion that many amateur or beginner golfers face.

Ammar Kattoula

Good golf alignment

It is the most basic tip to be followed while practicing golf. This is not a technically difficult matter. Constant practice and bit of common sense is the key to have a great golf alignment. At first set a target in distance and place a ball, feet should be parallel to the ball. Now place the club along the line of the toes then check for the perfect alignment. If the club points parallel left of the target and not directly at the target, then it is a square stance and can be called a perfect alignment. Knees, hips and shoulders should be in line or parallel to the feet. Mistakes like closed stances and open stances are often made by the golfers and it should be taken care of.

Practice holding the golf club in the correct position.

It is the key to have a perfect swing. It is not the ball that determines how beautiful the swing will look like but it is controlled by these facts i.e. How fast the club is travelling, what direction it is travelling and the position of the club face. These can be restrained by the proper golf grip. Renowned golf players have advised that a golfer’s hands can be married to the club if he hold it for a few seconds whenever he walks past it.

There are three types of golf grip preferred as interlinking grip, the overlapping or the “Verdon” grip and the baseball grip. According to Amar Kattaula any one of the interlinking and the overlapping grip can be used depending on whichever is comfortable.

Choosing of the right kind of the club

It is another important step while practicing. Those clubs that have lot of weight in the sole are good for shots with higher trajectory. According to the experts before buying clubs one should research on some reliable brands and pick the suitable one after trying out.

Practice to play short game

This is another crucial thing to be kept in mind while practicing. If a golfer wants to lower the handicap he needs to practice short game a lot. This may sound weird as this contradicts to the regular belief. The key to lower the handicap is to learn how to chip and putt. These are the two important short game elements.

Perfect posture

Perfect posture plays an important role in their sports. This should be taken care while practicing. Golfer should tilt at his hips not at his waist. One may not have perfect posture but can be honed by practicing harder. Posture plays a crucial role for accurate and powerful ball striking. While swinging, the body turns around the spine. So, the effectiveness of the swing depends entirely upon the position and angle of the spine.

These points are suggested by Ammar Kattoula to help you in becoming a perfect player.

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