What You Need to Keep in Mind When You are Playing Golf

Golf is very ancient yet popular and rewarding game. Playing golf can improve your quality of life by boosting your body with oxygen. It helps to renew your spirit and burn calories. This game has many fitness benefits. If you are interested in golf, there is an easy-to-use guide from which you can know some important points and you will be better in field avoiding common mistakes.

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  • Basic rules of Golf: In every game, there are some specific rules. In golf, there are some official and unofficial rules as well. You have to know all the rules of golf at first and keep them always in your mind. You should be familiar with all the terms of golf. Like- Golf tee where you place the golf ball at the start of the game , Fairway which is a part of golf course leading to Green, Green which is the ground surrounding the holes, Rough which is wild area , stroke, Ace , Eagle, Birdie and many more.
  • Dress Code: Men wear collared shirt, pant. Women wear shorts, skirt and in what they are comfortable. And you have to wear right shoes also.
  • Diet: Proper diet is necessary for a golf player. If you maintain a diet, you will lead a healthy life. We all know ‘ Health is wealth’. Fruits, foods- rich in minerals, protein should be taken. The professionals, Like- Ammar Kattaoula can guide you to get proper diet chart for becoming a morefit and successful player. The professionals will suggest you to take a good protein shake. This protein shake helps to raise your energy level and you can practice more matches. The quality of food should be examined by a dietician and it will be better if you take these healthy foods in boiled or raw form.
  • Exercise: The golf players should have a good, fit body, a perfect body structure, and strong bones. Exercises which help to strengthen muscles should be performed by you every day. Because you need strong arms to play the golf. You need to choose the right exercises that can help to keep the body balance. Being a sportsman your bones should be strong as well as muscles of arms and the joints should be flexible. So, you can do some freehand exercises. On a regular basis, exercise can help you to maintain the right weight of your body, keep your body fit and give more flexibility.


  • Guidance of Expert: Proper guidance of an expert golf player is needed. In that case, you can trust someone like Ammar Kattoula. He can guide you in every matter of golf. You need to know his success stories that will inspire you a lot.


Lifting your head too early, straightening your legs, not hitting the ball, not aiming in a proper way- these common mistakes happen. But if a golf professional will guide you, you will surely overcome these mistakes. Golf is not an easy sport at first; be patient, attentive and learn; it will be smooth for you and while playing the game, set an “Aim”.

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