Basic Rules for Playing Golf

There is nothing like playing golf. If you want to spend some quality time with your buddies, golfing is the answer. It’s so peaceful too. But playing golf for the first time can be a little intimidating. Ammar Kattoula‘s guide will give you some basic idea about playing golf.

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People of all ages can play golf as it is safer than other sports. If you are always at your desk, laboring away, it’ll give you a good exercise. Walking around the golf course will do wonders to your health.  You will get a lot of fresh air. Breathing in fresh air will help improve your health. It’s a game which can be played by people of all age. So you can take your whole family out with you and spend some quality time with them and enjoy the game as you want.

Here are some of the rules


  • Always pack your golfing gear and golfing gear includes your golfing outfit too. Too feel into the element completely, you need to feel like a golfer too. White tees and pants and shoes. Don’t forget the caps. Sunny weather calls for caps and sunglasses. If you’re dressed like a golfer, you’re surely bound to feel like one.
  • You need to choose the right equipment. Ask for professional help when buying the equipments.
  • You should always keep the proper score. Write down your scores on the scorecard provided to you. That’s how you play every sport.
  • Do not take more than one practice swing, if any. More than one swing is fine, but there will be other people too.
  • Do not move the ball. Try to play the ball where it lies and as it lies. Do not try to place the ball somewhere else and then try to hit it with your club. You may not remove the things lying there around the ball.
  • Always give other players enough time to play. Be very civil about it.
  • Be patient and be polite while waiting for your turn. Be polite to your caddie. Caddie is the person who carries your golfing equipments and fetches the ball if it lands out of the boundaries.
  • Follow the rules of the golf club. Every place has certain rules. You should try to abide by them. It shows your character too.
  • If you really need help, ask for professional help. There is nothing embarrassing about it. Always keep an open mind and if you’re very new at this, you’ll make mistakes. But it’s okay. That’s why you practice. Practice makes perfect.

I am sure Ammar Kattoula‘s this guide will help you tremendously and make you a better player. Take your time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Practice but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You’ll become a better player gradually. Keep in mind these points. I’m sure these pointers will help you on the ground while playing golf. It may appear hard at first specially swinging part but you’ll become better with time.

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