Ammar Kattoula – How To Become A Good Golf Player

Everyone doesn’t have inborn talent. By practising regularly a beginner becomes a professional. If you want to be a good golf player you have to know some points. Not only practice but there are few more things you should know. There is experienced coach to guide you. Besides guidance you should follow these points given below.

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Practice and more practice

Practice makes a man perfect. The first thing that you need to do in trying to be a very good golf player is to chalk out the way you do practice, set a routine for practicing. To get success one of the important factors is practicing. You can join some coaching centre or institution where the golf players are trained by a professional coach. You should have appropriate information about those institutions and trainers. You should select a professional golf coach like Ammar Kattuola, who is not only a well-known teacher but a successful golf player also. A coach will teach you the tricks of swings which will help you to become successful.

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Work on fundamentals

Good golf players should get to know the important points of the fundamentals because it is the base for the good swing. You should work on basics continuously as it is very easy to get into minor infractions. Choosing a right club, how to grip the golf club properly, how far you need to stand from the golf ball, is the position of your ball is right, how your posture should be, these all are extremely important than swinging the club properly.

The perfect visualisation

The eyes of the player are the best assets of the golfers. The professional players once set an aim, they already have an imagination how the shot may look, how the ball may go.

Keeping calm in every situation

If you know successful golf player closely, you will know that they know effective process to be calm down in every situation. They are self aware. They know how to keep the concentration from negativity and always go towards positivity. Each player has different techniques between shots. They have great self control and can handle pressure carefully. Your trainer will teach you how to control your mind. You have to obey him to be better.

Accept and move on

A professional golf player would not be different to good and the bad both shots. This is the optimal state of the game. Accepting and moving on is all you should do.

Maintaining a diet chart

 The golf players lead a very healthy lifestyle. According to Ammar Kattuola the protein, minerals – potassium, calcium, sodium etc should be supplied to your body in a large quantity. To take right amount of all these you should maintain a perfect diet made by a nutritionist.


You should go gym or do free hand exercise everyday. It keeps your body flexible, increases your strength, makes body fit. Your trainer will select right exercises for you. You have to follow his instructions. In golf, players should move arms to swing so you should have strong arms, shoulder, flexible joints.

So these are the things you should keep on mind to become a good golf player. Always remember slow but steady wins the race. You have to keep patience, practice regularly and learn tricks from your coach for better performance in the field.

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